Awesome Projects

 A short list of cool or interesting projects that I've hacked on:

Game Winning Cursor-10 Bot in Clojure
Why should I bother playing a flash game when I can program a bot to play it perfectly? Try out the obscure game Cursor-10, fail, then come back and watch my bot in action. This bot takes advantage of Java's Robot class, as well as some image processing with ImageMagick.
Check out the blog post, or skip straight to the source.

Boids Sandbox
Started as a project in my Artificial Intelligence class, the Boids Sandbox is a simple bird flocking simulator written in Python.
Take a look at the relevant blog post, as well as the source.

Genetic "Hello World"
I read about Genetic Algorithms and decided that they were really cool; I love whenever I can use the power of a computer to solve a problem for me. And since the best way to learn a new technique is to implement it, I tried my hand.

The "Hello World" project isn't interesting in itself (that's I lie- I love watching it work). However, I can't wait until I find a real problem where could use this approach now that I have it in my tool box.

This project comes in two flavors:
Python - old faithful :)
Check out the blog post, source available at github
Clojure - new hotness
It has its own blog post (mostly outlining experiences writing it after the Python version), and the source is also on github.

DAP Tickets
Developed in a furious night of group hacking, DAP Tickets is a web app for the Disaster Accountability Project. It aims to help volunteers listen to, transcribe, classify, and tag voicemails from disaster areas.

My areas of contribution involved a python script to download and parse emails from the gmail account, then save the attached audio files (voicemails) and pass their information to the Django frontend using POST.

This project won second place at the New England College Hackathon. You can see the group source here.